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We represented our bass model first at the musicfair 2011 in Frankfurt. 

The models are coming with a sitka spruce or cedar top. Back + sides come with roesewod or mahogani. Fretboard, bridge and headplate are made from ebony. Saddle material is bone.We use all solid woods. The strings are made by the german company Pyramid. These strings are similar to classical, wounded, silverplated strings and custom made for our instruments.

The models are available with frets or fretless(with fretlines).

The prices are 990 Euro for the noncut model and 1100 Euro for the cutaway model. Included is an undersaddle pickup and a nice tweedcase.















Stevens Bass-Ukulele played by Dominik Palmer

Bass-Ukulele cutaway played by Ukedude



Bass-Ukulele non cutaway played by Dominik Palmer



Bass-Ukulele fretless played by Ralf Gauck